Flight Management System (FMS): Lifting client out of widening challenges

A major systems supplier was unable to meet a critical contract milestone. The contract involved preparing the Flight Management System for first flight integration with a U.S. military combat helicopter. Late into the project, the supplier determined their resources were insufficient to meet the technical, budget, and schedule requirements.

Communication system: Capitalizing on a Performance Software Partnership

A major OEM manufacturer had an aggressive schedule to achieve an early ETOPS certification and first-flight deadline. A critical component of the program was a top avionic supplier’s major block point update.

Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC): Powering through time and resource constraints

A major control systems supplier was in an urgent bind: they had a pressing deadline for a FADEC software update for a regional airplane certification. Complicating the situation, the systems supplier was constrained by test environment resources for system verification, software development and testing.

Flight control system (FCS): High productivity and innovation prepare client for market

A top commercial aircraft OEM was behind schedule on a project. They asked the avionics supplier managing the software development effort to accelerate their work by a year. Performance Software was the supplier’s first choice for assistance to meet the aggressive deadline.

Flight management system (FMS): Top talent, efficient structures, and high-quality engineering solutions for US Navy

Under contract with a customer involving the Flight Management Computer System for a US Navy aircraft, a world-leading systems supplier determined that it would not be able to assign sufficient in-house resources to meet program goals.

Performance Software Drives the Development of Groundbreaking Healthcare Technology

A top healthcare manufacturer needed help developing software for breakthrough technology and sought a model-based development partner. Based on a referral, the manufacturer considered Performance Software.

Performance JETS: A major leap forward with virtual machines (VM) for avionics systems

A leading global systems supplier was building a Flight Management System (FMS) for a major aircraft manufacturer. Lacking the resource capacity with this unique engineering expertise, the supplier was in jeopardy of missing schedule, which would have jeopardized aircraft delivery to major airlines.

Performance JETS: Ushering in a new era of avionics platform virtualization for avionics systems

One of the world’s top systems suppliers was building a next-generation computing platform for Boeing’s commercial aircraft. Its initial attempt to repurpose an existing military platform for commercial use presented a number of unforeseen challenges.

A Partnership to Revolutionize Healthcare Around the World

A top-rated medical supplier designed a new device to transform how physicians around the world provide point-of-care to their patients in traditional settings and in third-world military applications. Their first attempt to integrate software applications with the product was unsuccessful. They determined they needed development assistance from a mature software team to successfully bring their product to market—under an aggressive timeline.