Performance is a leading full-lifecycle software and hardware design and development firm serving safety and mission-critical industries for nearly 25 years and successfully completing more than 500 programs. Specializing in avionics and airworthiness certification, Performance has the breadth and depth of talent and experience to deliver high-quality solutions, both on-time and on-budget, for Advanced Air Mobility, Commercial Aviation, Space, Defense, and other safety-critical sectors.

Enhance your systems with Performance’s Precision Navigation and Mapping™ Solution Suite, ARINC-615A Performance Data Loader™ Solutions, EDGE 5G-X Solutions, and Connected Aircraft Solutions. Performance’s commitment to its customers’ success has earned the organization preferred supplier status and long-standing relationships with major aircraft OEMs and top-tier avionics suppliers around the world.

Committed, flexible, and ready. Leverage the power of Performance’s deep expertise and proven solutions for your safety-critical needs.

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We take a big-picture approach to what we do and how we can help our clients. We then break it down into actionable parts to create innovative and efficient products, services and processes that drive measurable results and client success.

We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements, processes and schedules.

We align project goals and expectations, leading to reduced risk and faster, more cost-effective development.

We provide our own project management resources to guide Performance development and engineering efforts.

We identify the project areas where Performance can drive the greatest efficiency and value.

With a mutually defined plan in place, we deploy teams with the mission of getting the job done right the first time.

We view our clients as strategic partners–our commitment is your success.

Performance establishes a working relationship based on mutual respect and cooperation that supports the entire project and leads to long-term, trusted partnerships. It’s all part of our masterplan for client success: minimize risk, reduce stress and consistently deliver high-quality solutions – on-schedule and on-budget.


25+ Years
in Business

Serving major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers since 1998

500+ Successful

Regardless of the complexity or scale, we have you covered

450+ Engineering Professionals

In-house talent spread across six U.S. and one international offices

Supplier Status

Long-term relationships with top-tier avionics suppliers