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UAVs and Cybersecurity

UAVs and Cybersecurity By Darren Cummings The emergence of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or ‘drones,’ as they are sometimes called, represents one of the most significant changes in the aviation landscape since the advent of jet technologies in the 1950s. Though they were almost unheard of outside military circles just 20 years ago, drones now (read more)

ADS-B and Cybersecurity

ADS-B and Cybersecurity: Lessons from the Maritime Domain By Darren Cummings, Performance Software DoD / Cybersecurity Leader The migration to Automated Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast, mandated for use in all commercial and general aviation aircraft by 2020, represents one of the most significant steps forward in the modernization of air traffic control in the United States. Presently, air (read more)

Cybersecurity and the Aviation Industry: An Overview

Data Breaches in Aviation Cyberattacks are ubiquitous across many industries. Now that the aviation industry has embraced the benefits generated by a digitally connected world, it is now increasingly susceptible to the same cyber threats that have breached banking, retail, healthcare, and online businesses. The business impacts of those breaches are severe—the average cost of a (read more)

People First: Year-Round Performance Management

A New Approach to Performance Reviews Annual performance reviews have been a staple in performance management for decades. It wasn’t until recent years that companies started to question the validity of such an archaic process and started looking at more efficient practices. Working alongside HR professionals and industrial psychologists, business owners have been able to (read more)

Corporate Culture is Worth the Investment

Be Intentional to Improve Pitfalls in your Company Culture Corporate culture: a term equally elusive as it is important. Although there have been countless studies that show the irrefutable correlation between a company’s culture and the bottom line, few organizations know how to approach it, yet alone how to infuse their vision into it. According (read more)

Avoid Crunch Time Burnout

Keep Your Team Motivated as Project Deadlines Approach Sometimes crunch time is inevitable in a project, but it is important to try and prevent burnout for the sake of your employees and the success of the project. What are some ways of keeping your team motivated as a deadline approaches and hours get longer? Meals (read more)

Performance Software Featured in Avionics Magazine

Performance Software JETS Virtual Platform Highlighted in Avionics Magazine Did you catch the recent issue of Avionics Magazine? Performance Software’s JETS Virtual Platform was featured, along with our commentary on the top 10 mistakes made by real-time embedded software engineers in avionics. Excerpted from the article: Lockheed Martin’s F-35 shows the impact that delays and cost (read more)

Using a Virtual Machine Environment for Formal Verification Credit

Test Embedded Avionics Software in a Virtual Machine Environment There are several quality benefits of using a virtual machine environment to test embedded avionics software. A virtual machine environment is intended for testing both high-level and low-level software requirements. In this blog, we will look at a strategy for performing formal software testing in that (read more)

Performance DataLoader Solution

Providing a faster path to complete data loads A data loader is a tool that allows a user to upload new software applications and data on embedded software components of an aircraft. It is typically offered as a rigid combination of hardware and software that provides data loading via specialized hardware interfaces (e.g. ARINC 664 (read more)

JETs VirtualPlatform Virtual Target Hardware

Reducing Lab Contention among your Software Development Team Working odd hours on nights and weekends, being kicked off the target hardware in the middle of what you are doing, scheduling a lab time slot—sound familiar? These are all things software engineers dread when it’s time to test builds in the lab on real hardware. These (read more)