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DevOps: It’s a Journey, Not a Destination

By Mike Johnson, Performance Business Leader Organizations looking to boost quality and productivity and take advantage of the latest tools in software development are increasingly looking to DevOps as a way of transforming their software development. Led by high volume software as a service (SaaS), media and e-commerce properties such as Netflix, Facebook, and Amazon, (read more)

Virtualization and FAA Certification Activities

By Julian Thomas, Product Leader Companies all over the software industry are turning to virtualization in order to reduce costs, shorten development lifecycles, improve software measurement and test coverage, and migrate to DevOps strategies like continuous software delivery and on-demand scalability.  In the enterprise and SaaS communities, this adoption is supplemented by a wide variety (read more)

Virtual Machines and Aerospace: Lessons Learned

By Julian Thomson, Product Leader Software and hardware virtualization has become one of the go-to technologies for streamlining operations, improving consistency, and reducing costs throughout the commercial IT and software community. Industries that leverage commodity hardware and mass market or open-source applications have embraced virtual machines as an extension of their existing technology baseline, enabling (read more)

DevOps: Lessons Learned from IT

By Mike Johnson, Performance Business Leader Much of the existing literature about DevOps, both in the trade press and in the publishing world, focuses on how the paradigm is the next evolutionary step in software engineering, succeeding agile development in the same way that agile displaced earlier, more formal software methods. While it’s true that (read more)

Virtualization: A Key Enabler of DevOps

by Mike Johnson, Business Leader The DevOps paradigm for software development, which combines new strategies for managing technology, processes, and teams to produce software on a more or less continuous basis, is made possible through the extensive use of virtualization technologies. Virtualization affects every aspect of DevOps from development, test, and deployment to operations and (read more)

DevOps: Worth the Hype?

By Mike Johnson Performance Software Business Leader DevOps is here to stay, writes Tina Sturgis in her blog at BMC, and, it would seem, most developers in the industry agree. A recent survey by InteropITX found that 80% of development organizations are considering adoption of DevOps methodologies, tools, and practices in the near future. Organizations (read more)

DevOps and Aerospace – What is DevOps?

By Mike Johnson Performance Software Business Leader As the virtualization, software as a service (SaaS), and big data revolutions continue, a whole host of new development strategies have emerged to take advantage of these technologies. These strategies, collectively called DevOps, enable software teams to deliver features to users more quickly and reliably than was previously (read more)

Virtual Machines: An Introduction to Platform Virtualization

This post is the first of an eight-part series introducing virtualization for security and DevOps productivity in the aerospace domain. By Julian Thomson, Performance Software Product Leader While virtual machines have been around since the early days of computing, the increasing popularity of cloud and highly scalable architectures, as well as the growing sophistication of (read more)

Autonomous Systems and Aviation Part 2

Understanding the risks of autonomous aviation systems When attempting to understand the risks of autonomous aviation systems, including self-flying airplanes, it is worthwhile to consider the circumstances of two very famous aviation accidents, which occurred within a few months of each other in 2009. In June of that year, Air France 447, while en route (read more)

Autonomous Systems and Aviation Part 1

What are the possibilities and practical applications of autonomous systems in aviation? Two recent crashes of self-driving automobiles, one in Tempe, Arizona and another in Mountain View, California, have brought increased attention to the rapid adoption of new, sophisticated autonomous technologies in the transportation industry. Driverless transport, long the dream of science fiction writers and (read more)