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How Veteran-Owned Businesses Can Use Government Bids

Four Ways Veteran-Owned Small Businesses Can Maximize Success with Government Bids Of the nearly 29 million small businesses in the United States, 11% are owned by veterans, according to 2016 data from the U.S. Small Business Administration. The number of veteran-owned small businesses (more than three million total) continues to climb as more men and women (read more)

DO-178 Outsourcing

For years, aerospace companies have been making good use of outsourcing companies. Typically, much of the outsourcing revolves around the verification activities associated with DO-178, such as testing, inspecting, reviewing and structural coverage. More recently, some outsourcing companies have added more software and systems engineering to their list of services. The newest trend is a (read more)

6 Benefits of Hiring a Software Development Team

Hiring a Software Development Team Can Be Tricky, But It Doesn’t Have to Be In today’s ever-changing technology-centered world, small-business startups and big-business entrepreneurs alike recognize the importance of software development. Whether it’s creating user-friendly, irresistible apps; reliable, efficient desktop software; or necessary technology for avionic safety, software development exists in virtually every aspect of (read more)

Software Development Outsourcing

Outsourcing Software Development Initiatives Can Offer Benefits – When Managed Correctly With technological advancements allowing more and more contractors and agencies to offer services worldwide, outsourcing is a viable option used by many companies today. Originally only seen as a means to reduce operational costs, it is now used to gain a competitive advantage in (read more)

Software Development: Why Teamwork Is Conducive to a Thriving Work Environment

In Software Development, Teams that Work Together Closely Over Extended Period Found to Be More Efficient. The ability to work well in a team is critical for personal and professional success. Effective teamwork is even more crucial for software developers, who must effectively and efficiently share high-level skills to complete a project on time and within (read more)

Transitioning Dual Use Software for Commercial Aviation

How Companies Can Transition Dual Use Software from Military to Commercial Aviation What is Dual Use Technology? Dual use technology, including dual use software, consists of items that are suitable for either civilian or military purposes. Dual use items range from raw materials to complete systems and are either civilian items with military uses or (read more)

Outsourcing Concerns – The Global-Local Model

New Outsourcing Techniques Help Technology Offshoring Feel More Local Over the past two decades, outsourcing tech services to places like India, China and the Philippines has become the norm. What initially began as a search for lower labor costs has now grown into a practice businesses used to expand into new markets, tap into new (read more)

How does DO-178C affect a program formerly created under DO-178B?

Small but subsequent changes in DO-178C explain modern technologies and methodologies in clear, concise terminology DO-178B and DO-178C are two softwares that have been developed to use in the aerospace industry. First, DO-178B is a guideline that deals with the safety of safety-critical software employed in certain airborne systems. Next, DO-178C was created, adapting and (read more)

Building Trust with Your Outsourced Software Development Team

An Outsourced Software Development Team Can Become Trusted Advisors The way we work has changed dramatically in the past several years. From logging in remotely to sharing coworking space, we are more mobile than ever. In a lot of ways, we are also more nimble. Many functions, such as working with an outsourced software development (read more)

PSW selected by Rockwell Collins to supply airport map database

Performance Software Corporation has been selected by Rockwell Collins to provide a worldwide DO-200A Type 1 compliant Airport Map Database (AMDB) for displaying on its Pro Line Fusion® flight decks. Performance Software Corporation (PSW) is proud to announce the collaboration, which signifies an expansion of its ongoing business relationship with Rockwell Collins. PSW is providing (read more)