Precision Navigation & Mapping™

Certified Data Solutions for Taxiing and En Route Navigation

Activate your systems with real-time, high-precision data for ultra safe in-flight or on-ground navigation. The Precision Navigation & MappingTM suite includes a worldwide Navigation database of dynamic digital airports, vertiports, terrain, imagery, and obstacle data. Allow Performance to rapidly develop your customizable navigation database for Flight Deck, Cabin Map, and Unmanned Traffic Management applications.

Customizable navigation and mapping solutions for…

Advanced Air Mobility
Precision Navigation & Mapping Advanced Air Mobility

Advanced Air Mobility

Precise route definition and route replay simulation for VTOLs

Passenger confidence in poor flight conditions

“Safety-zones” created by data augmentation with sensory data

Safety assurance through our airworthiness validation expertise

Unmanned Traffic Management
Precision Navigation Unmanned Traffic Management

Unmanned Traffic Management

Beyond visual line of sight, 3-D traffic corridor definition and control

Virtual infrastructure visualization for operators and air traffic control

Interoperability between autonomous vehicles and controlled airspace

Safely maximize occupancy of traffic corridors

Flight Decks
Precision Navigation Flight Decks

Flight Decks

Quantum leap in crew’s situational awareness

Auto-taxi ready for future navigation

Increased awareness, own-ship and surrounding environment (ADS-B)

FANS enabled, future traffic control to aircraft data link

Precision Navigation Simulators


Photo-realistic experiences, obstacles’ accurate relative position

Seamless and automatic rendering of 3D airports

Accelerates synthetic vision, eliminates manual process

Precise visualization, like looking out the window

Cabin Maps
Precision Navigation Cabin Maps

Cabin Maps

Wow your VIP passengers with 3D mapping

Countless information to entertainment points of interest

Exciting landing experiences for passengers

“Glass Cabin” views, don’t miss a thing

Maritime Freight Management

Maritime Freight Management

Efficient Port Management for long-haul cargo

Safe navigation of recreational marinas

Enhanced visualization of ports and marinas at night or in bad weather

Increased awareness, display of own-ship and surrounding environment (AIS)



Increase safety and reduce stress for passengers and crew

Use the best precision to answer where am I? How do I get where I’m going?

Worldwide airport database, continuously growing and frequently updated

Rapid customization of navigation solutions for your specific needs

Experience photo-realism at night or in poor weather conditions


Performance provides high-quality, customizable solutions to seamlessly integrate into your mapping applications. We provide industry standard formats (ARINC 816, DO-200) and hold a Type 1 Letter of Acceptance. See all available features here.

Airport Mapping Database Catalog

Need a specific airport? Performance provides customized solutions with the best precision on the market.

Precision Navigation Aerodrome

Experience Precision Navigation

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Available Features

  • Aerodrome Reference Point
  • Apron Element
  • Arresting System Location
  • ASRN Node
  • Construction Area
  • Final Approach And Take Off Area
  • Helipad Threshold
  • Land And Hold Short Operation Location
  • Parking Stand Area
  • Road
  • Runway Displaced Area
  • Runway Exitline
  • Runway Marking
  • Runway Threshold
  • Stand Guidance Line
  • Survey Control Point
  • Taxiway Guidance Line
  • Taxiway Intersection Marking
  • Touchdown Lift Off Area
  • Vertical Point Structure
  • Water
  • Aerodrome Surface Lighting
  • Arresting Gear Location
  • ASRN Edge
  • Blastpad
  • Deicing Area
  • Frequency Area
  • Hotspot
  • Painted Centerline
  • Parking Stand Location
  • Runway Centerline Point
  • Runway Element
  • Runway Shoulder
  • Service Road
  • Stopway
  • Taxiway Element
  • Taxiway Holding Position
  • Taxiway Shoulder
  • Vertical Line Structure
  • Vertical Polygonal Structure