Performance Precision Navigation & MappingTM

Performance Precision Navigation & MappingTM suite of products provide solutions for enhanced surface navigation through applications and aerodrome mapping database (AMDB) products. Whether your need targets cockpit displays, flight simulators or handheld mobile devices, Performance Precision Navigation & MappingTM provide a sub-meter accurate solution.

Performance Precision Navigation & MappingTM offers the highest degree of accuracy in the market today (sub-meter), 5x better than other products. Airports in the database are continuously monitored to create a lasting solution. Our products enhance situational awareness by reducing pilot confusion, improving safety margins and enhancing operational efficiency. Performance incorporates years of GIS experience into our proprietary production tools; reducing time to market and improving quality. Performance provides industry standard formats (ARINC 816, DO-272) and has a Type 1 Letter of Acceptance. Performance also will provide customized formats that comply with your specific requirements; minimizing any impact to your internal processes and tools.

Whether you plan to display static or moving maps, Performance MapRenderer™ integrates into your existing solution displaying data on flight deck displays, mobile devices or in-flight entertainment systems. Our Taxi Application supports a customizable mobile solution for pilots.

Performance Software AMDB Screenshot

Performance Precision Navigation & MappingTM Highlights

  • FAA certified to Data Process Assurance Level 2 (Essential)
  • ARINC Spec 816 -0 and -2 formats
  • Worldwide database, 650 and continuously growing
  • Maintained database, updates every 28 days
  • DO-200A Type 1 (Data Supplier) Letter of Acceptance
  • Support custom formats and unique customer features
  • Established connections with data providers to provide any airport
  • ARINC 816 and DO-272 feature sets

AMDB Coverage Map

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Available Features

  • Aerodrome Reference Point
  • Apron Element
  • Arresting System Location
  • ASRN Node
  • Construction Area
  • Final Approach And Take Off Area
  • Helipad Threshold
  • Land And Hold Short Operation Location
  • Parking Stand Area
  • Road
  • Runway Displaced Area
  • Runway Exitline
  • Runway Marking
  • Runway Threshold
  • Stand Guidance Line
  • Survey Control Point
  • Taxiway Guidance Line
  • Taxiway Intersection Marking
  • Touchdown Lift Off Area
  • Vertical Point Structure
  • Water
  • Aerodrome Surface Lighting
  • Arresting Gear Location
  • ASRN Edge
  • Blastpad
  • Deicing Area
  • Frequency Area
  • Hotspot
  • Painted Centerline
  • Parking Stand Location
  • Runway Centerline Point
  • Runway Element
  • Runway Shoulder
  • Service Road
  • Stopway
  • Taxiway Element
  • Taxiway Holding Position
  • Taxiway Shoulder
  • Vertical Line Structure
  • Vertical Polygonal Structure