Fast, Reliable, Modern and Customizable Solution

Performance DataLoader™ components support:

ARINC 615A-1/2/3 FIND, Upload, Information, and Operator Download operations

ARINC 665-1/2/3/4 loadable software part standards

ARINC 615-3/4 Upload operations (on-board load servers only)

The Performance DataLoader™ suite of components are ARINC 615A and ARINC 665 compliant and were developed with modularity, reliability, fast loading speed and customization in mind.

For on-board data load clients and data load servers, the Performance DataLoader™ components provide a solution for development that will dramatically reduce development cost and schedule. Performance can assist with the integration of the Performance DataLoader™ components with platform-specific components to produce the load client or load server that meets your needs.

Performance also offers an ARINC 615A lab/field loader. The lab/field loader is an installable, ready-to-use application that can perform ARINC 615A operations with compatible targets. The lab/field loader is configurable and provides both an interactive graphical user interface as well as a terminal based command-line interface and scripting capability to support automated testing of your loadable target.

Resident On-Board Client/Server

  • Performance DataLoader™ components provide ready-to-use implementations of:
    • TFTP protocol
    • ARINC 615A protocol
    • ARINC 665 load header file utilities
    • ARINC 615 protocol
  • Performance DataLoader™ component design allows for flexible implementation of your platform specific requirements that can easily integrate with the components to produce the load client or load server you need.
  • Performance offers integration services to assist with the development and integration of platform specific implementations.
  • Software requirements and tests for Performance DataLoader™ components are available to support DO-178C DAL D certification.

Lab/Field Loader

  • Windows 7/8/10 and Linux Support (command line only).
  • Modern, intuitive graphical user interface (Windows platforms).
  • Python scripting capability.
  • Supports loading Ethernet targets over standard Ethernet bus.
  • Supports loading ARINC 664 targets over standard Ethernet bus with NO additional ARINC 664 interface hardware needed.
  • Highly configurable, including the ability to inject errors for testing purposes.
  • Logging and network traffic capture capability to assist with troubleshooting your loadable target.


Our proprietary code reduces the frequency of failed loads to optimize overall operational speed.



With superior debugging, logging and test verification capabilities, our systems provide increased reliability in your dataloading process



Our solutions are hardware independent and allow for flexibility in choosing either a portable or lab-based solution.



We design your user interface and customize our Performance DataLoader™components based on your specific needs.

For your on-board client/cerver, significantly reduce your costs and schedule
The average LRU-embedded 615A data loader client is approximately 15,000 SLOCs and the average embedded 615A data loader server is 25,000 SLOCs. When you factor in the full DO-178C program costs for this volume of SLOCs, you can potentially save millions of dollars in costs and eliminate years from your schedule by choosing the Performance DataLoader™.


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