Performance DataLoader

Performance DataLoader is a customizable data loader solution. Its modular and portable design allows for the use of data load libraries in custom applications both in lab load and test environments. Support for command line access and scripting APIs allows for automation of data loading and a framework to assist with client verification and validation procedures.


  • Lab load functions: upload, batch, find, and information
  • Intuitive UI for desktop and Windows tablets
  • Command line support
  • Support operating on Ethernet and ARINC 664 targets
  • Support for ARINC 615A-1, 615A-2, 615A-3 load profiles
  • Support for ARINC 665-1, 665-2, 665-3, and 665-4 loadable part standards
  • Supports Windows 7, 8, and Linux (command line only)


  • Customized UI for customer-specific needs
  • User configurable to allow for error injection into A615A operations
  • Modular design allows for implementation of custom I/O
  • Support for ARINC 664 communication over standard Ethernet
  • Scripting capabilities allow for automation of loading activities
  • Test framework for verification of data load client application
  • Libraries available to aid in development of data load clients

Upcoming Features

  • Lab load download function
  • Future support for ARINC 429 and CAN bus targets
  • Windows 10 and Linux GUI support
  • Additional host platform support

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