Performance-ready for the real world

Performance can help you put theory into practice and launch your software engineering career with real-world work experience. Undergraduate and graduate students who join our team can expect to participate in a variety of assignments across the embedded software cycle. You will have a unique opportunity to develop your skills in our state-of-the-art development environment, as well as learn from some of the top professionals in the field.


  • Interns attend university full-time and work for Performance part-time.
  • Hourly pay offered.


  • As assigned by their universities, co-op students work for us full-time during a co-op semester.
  • Hourly pay offered.

Candidate Requirements

Performance is a dynamic organization that looks for people who can learn and work at the speed of technology. We look for people who are serious about quality, service and getting the job done right the first time. We hire people who have exceptional talent plus the attitude and ability to fit into our culture of teamwork and innovation, plus a commitment to partnership and shared success.

Our internships and co-ops aren’t for everyone – they’re for those who want to challenge and grow their skills while learning best practices and the importance of culture from accomplished and approachable engineers who build safety-critical solutions.

Ideal candidates for our programs are self-motivated, confident and team players. They possess:

  • High academic achievement; Minimum GPA: 3.0
  • Current enrollment in an accredited Software Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering program, or similar curriculim.
  • An academic background in software programming and software constructs

Are you interested and up for the challenge? We want to hear from you.