Communication system: Capitalizing on a Performance Software Partnership

A Performance Software Partnership is Vital to a Successful First Flight

The Problem

A major OEM manufacturer had an aggressive schedule to achieve an early ETOPS certification and first-flight deadline. A critical component of the program was a top avionic supplier’s major block point update. The supplier had a skilled overseas team performing the verification and validation, but needed additional resources to complete the development effort. The supplier was aware of Performance Software’s datalink expertise and requested they partner with them on the project. Performance Software and the avionics supplier agreed on a combined engineering plan upfront to streamline development and testing—the first partnership of this type for Performance Software.

The Solution

The project comprised of two key efforts: development tasks performed by Performance Software and validation and verification tasks performed by the supplier’s overseas team. Due to their level of technical expertise, Performance Software’s engineering team was asked to manage the entire project. This included outlining tasks for the upgrade approach they recommended and providing technical guidance to the supplier’s overseas team.

Midway through the project, the supplier’s earned value metrics revealed that their overseas team was behind schedule. Experienced in streamlining validation and verification processes, Performance Software shared their tips to help increase the overseas team’s productivity and keep the project on track. Performance Software’s contribution included reprioritizing all quality-related tasks, completing 75% of the testing effort, and completing 100% of the software development effort. The project was completed on time and the OEM manufacturer met the certification date. The first flight was deemed a success.

The Results

Partnership Leads to Significant Cost Savings: The upfront integrated engineering plan saved the client 20% to 30% in costs.

20-30% cost savings

Solution-Driven Team:  The upgrade strategy suggested by Performance Software saved the client $1.1 million. When the overseas team was struggling to meet their deadline, Performance Software’s assistance resulted in the program being completed on time.

$1.1 million saved

Highly Successful Program: Every milestone was delivered on time. The client was able to meet their certification deadline and the first flight took off on time. “Congratulations to your leadership and the entire Datalink Engineering Team for ensuring this program kept on track culminating with a successful flight test.” (Quote from avionics supplier)

Certification deadline met