Performance Software Drives the Development of Groundbreaking Healthcare Technology

The Problem

A top healthcare manufacturer needed help developing software for breakthrough technology and sought a model-based development partner. Based on a referral, the manufacturer considered Performance Software. Performance Software offered a competitive fixed price contract to complete a percentage of the project’s development and testing requirements. The manufacturer accepted the contract, and the project was underway to bring to market, technology with the potential to revolutionize scanning in the healthcare industry.

The Solution

Performance Software joined the client’s program with 4 to 6 onsite development resources working with the client’s resources and other vendors that were contracted to provide software development and testing assistance. Within a few weeks, Performance Software was able to deploy an experienced team that immediately helped to maintain the client’s release schedule by helping complete their requirements and ramping up the software development team.

Within a few months, the client realized the superior effort of the Performance Team and replaced the other sub-contract labor and engineering service providers with additional Performance Software resources. The Performance Software team grew to a total of 10 resources. Performance Software was the only team to remain throughout the project.

Late in the project, the client modified the project requirements to include several new work scope items. The additional work included subsystem development support, test creation and execution, and Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) documentation. Performance Software was also requested to assist the client with completing their requirements and stepped in on a rush basis to maintain the client’s release schedule.

The Results

Hundreds of Thousands in Program Cost Savings. Performance Software helped the client realize tremendous savings on the total program expenditures, saving approximately $360,000 in total program cost.

$360,000 program cost savings

Reduced Program Timeframe. By offering efficiencies of process and meeting every schedule deadline, Performance helped pull in the client’s schedule by 4 months.

4-month schedule reduction

Innovative Technology Clearance. As a result of this program, the client obtained a highly sought-after U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for innovative technology.

510(k) Clearance