Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC): Powering through time and resource constraints

Certified on-time by helping client meet aircraft OEM mandated schedule

The Problem

A major control systems supplier was in an urgent bind: they had a pressing deadline for a FADEC software update for a regional airplane certification. Complicating the situation, the systems supplier was constrained by test environment resources for system verification, software development and testing. Although adding test equipment was an option, the systems supplier did not want to absorb the exorbitant cost of an additional test rig. Well-aware of Performance Software’s problem-solving abilities through previous collaborations, the supplier contracted Performance Software to immediately find a way to meet the aggressive schedule with a cost-effective solution.

The Solution

Performance Software immediately put in place an innovative test environment to access the customer’s test rig across globally-distributed engineering sites.  Within 2 weeks, Performance Software structured a configuration management process to allocate and segregate work between the US and global teams, completed the project plan, and launched a multi-site, collaborative team to pull in the customer’s schedule.

Performance Software maximized lab usage as the US and global engineers capitalized on the time zone advantage by working around the clock. Having delivered earlier than the aircraft manufacturer’s mandated schedule and minimizing the customer’s costs, Performance Software quickly became the clients go-to-supplier and subsequently was awarded an additional development program.

The Results

Time Savings: The project was completed 13 weeks earlier than the supplier’s initial schedule, saving 20% of the total project schedule.  Additionally, the project was finalized 2 weeks before the critical deadline allowing the customer to exceed the aircraft manufacturer’s expectations.

13-week Pull In

Financial Savings:  The customer saved $120,000 attributed to the shortened project timeframe and utilizing global resources. Additionally, the customer avoided a $100,000 investment in additional test equipment.

$220,000 Savings

Compliance Quality: An EASA audit was successfully completed after DO-178C Level B compliance was verified by four independent auditors. Only 4 minor audit actions were found; the actions were closed in under 2 weeks.

DO-178C Certified

Customer Satisfaction: The customer was extremely satisfied with this project’s result and immediately awarded Performance Software another contract.

Extremely Satisfied