A Partnership to Revolutionize Healthcare Around the World

The Problem

A top-rated medical supplier designed a new device to transform how physicians around the world provide point-of-care to their patients in traditional settings and in third-world military applications. Their first attempt to integrate software applications with the product was unsuccessful. They determined they needed development assistance from a mature software team to successfully bring their product to market—under an aggressive timeline. The supplier had prior success working with Performance Software and was aware of their reputation in the industry for being a high-quality software supplier for mobile and connectivity applications. Performance Software responded to the supplier’s proposal with a fixed-price quote that included providing onshore software development resources and a small offshore testing team, a setup that enabled Performance Software to provide the client with significant cost savings.

The Solution

The program kicked off with 14 Performance Software resources working with the supplier to help expand and update the system requirements for efficiency and to create a robust product concept. Once the initial development work was complete, additional Performance Software resources were added to support full lifecycle mobile and embedded software development, system verification, and program management for the product.

The Performance Software teams provided additional services outside the scope of the requirements. The software team supported usability studies, created support for additional software services, and helped define and generate a measurement tool for use on other products created by the supplier. The testing team trained the other vendor team on the project to assist with requirements traceability.

The client did not track metrics, but as customary with all their fixed-price contracts, Performance Software submitted weekly earned value (EV) summaries to ensure the project remained on track. They also used an automated Unified Code Count (UCC) tool to count logical source lines of code (SLOC) to monitor productivity.

Performance Software was able to deliver the software artifacts to the supplier and get the product to the marketplace.

The Results

Low-Cost Testing Resources. Performance Software helped the client save 57% of quoted hours by providing offshore, low-cost testing resources.

Saved 57% of quoted hours

High Rates of Productivity. Performance delivered source lines of code (SLOC) of .58 and .38 for development and testing helping the client have high rates of development and testing productivity.

Delivered high rates of productivity

Efficiencies for Future Products. The entire Performance Software team ramped up on the product’s domain, which will provide efficiencies for future products.

Defined a measurement tool for use on other products

Positive Customer Feedback. “Your hard and high-quality work enabled us to bring to market a breakthrough innovation that will empower clincians around the world to help save lives.”

Helped bring to market a breakthrough innovation