People First: Year-Round Performance Management

A New Approach to Performance Reviews

Annual performance reviews have been a staple in performance management for decades. It wasn’t until recent years that companies started to question the validity of such an archaic process and started looking at more efficient practices. Working alongside HR professionals and industrial psychologists, business owners have been able to get rid of antiquated structures and implement systems that truly encourage high performance. Evidence shows that when leaders incorporate real-time, ongoing feedback throughout the year, they are able to increase engagement, promote growth and development, and address concerns before they become problems.

With the help of a brilliant Engagement Specialist, Performance Software has developed a customized feedback system, coined People First, to replace the status quo. People First consists of frequent, casual, 1:1s that occur monthly with the employee and the manager. Not only will this improve relationships between the various levels in the organization, but it’s a cultural infusion for some of the values that we uphold at the organization.

Ownership: The employee is the one to schedule the check-in; they own their performance management. We believe that each individual should be able to solicit as much or as little feedback as they’re looking for and receive coaching on the areas they’re striving to improve.

Drive: Looking to move up or get that promotion? Take a role in leadership? Mentor? Whatever it may be, the employees are the ones to verbalize and set their goals alongside their manager to work toward them as a team.

Appreciation: What better time to thank the employee for their hard work? Although we infuse as much real-time appreciation into our culture, it’s always nice to receive some extra validation for a job well done.

What is top leadership saying about the monthly check-ins?

“Check-ins have provided me an opportunity to have a different type of discussion with people, allowing for a focus on interests, strengths, finding growth opportunities, and communication of performance to expectation. These conversations didn’t happen nearly as often before 1:1s.” -Chad

How does your company encourage professional development, feedback, and growth plans? Share your thoughts with us.

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