Benefits of Becoming a Software Engineer

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, software development is expected to increase 22% between 2020 and 2030. Software engineers or developers possess the creative and technical know-how to make this growth possible. As a result, there is incredible opportunity, exciting growth potential, and several key benefits when choosing a software engineering career.

Competitive pay and benefits
Software engineer salaries are on the high-end of the pay scale for professional positions. Salaries vary based on geographic region, experience, and job responsibilities. Performance provides competitive salaries and benefits to all employees including401(k); medical, dental, life, and disability insurance; paid time off, parental leave, vacation days, holidays, and other benefits.

Flexible work schedule
Software engineers may work on their own or with a team, in an office, or remotely. Generally, software developers can do their work from any location with an internet connection and their computers. Performance works with each employee to ensure work environments and work schedules provide the best work-life balance. Performance also offers 9/80 work schedules.

Continuing education
When you’re a software engineer, there are always opportunities for continuing education. Whether you are self-directed with online courses, books, and videos or more formal with university courses, software engineers can easily quench their thirst for knowledge. Performance provides various learning opportunities.

Many people are attracted to a career in software development because they work on challenging issues daily that exercise their problem-solving skills. While software engineers must have technical skills, they also draw upon creativity when building solutions for their company or customers’ problems. At Performance, engineers can work on various projects spanning across the safety-critical industries including Advanced Air Mobility, Aviation, Space and Defense.

High job security
Software engineers enjoy high job security. They can find a company, mission, and work/life balance that suits their preferences in industries as diverse as education and avionics. Demand for coders will remain high as global digital transformation continues. At Performance, we value each team member and are proud to announce that every single employee kept their jobs during the 2020 pandemic.

Advancement opportunities and career options
Another benefit of being a software engineer is there is room to evolve responsibilities and advance from entry-level programming positions to senior programming and management positions. Performance provides various learning and leadership opportunities, such as the Leadership Intensive Program, which aims to advance one’s career and professional goals.

Meaningful work
At Performance Software, software engineers develop state-of-the-art safety-critical systems to make the world safer. Solving complex problems for urban air mobility, aviation and space, defense, and other safety-critical industries is an impactful way to make a difference – and a living.

You’ll spend one-third of your life working. Don’t you want to spend that time on engaging projects and have limitless career potential?

Performance Software is always interested in talking to passionate software engineers about exploring a career with us. We have many 100 percent remote positions and other software development roles for you to consider.

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