What is ARINC-615A and Why it Matters

ARINC-615A is the latest data loading standard update and describes the transfer of large data sets to and from next-generation avionics using high-speed ethernet interfaces. Is ARINC-615A required to data load your system? No. But if you have an ethernet stack, it should be a serious consideration.

Modern aerospace programs must choose a data loading strategy and several factors contribute to that decision.  Yet, many programs still elect to build it themselves and develop an internal/proprietary solution. This can be a direct approach, but oftentimes, leads to reliability (field failures) and performance issues, or can quickly become outdated and/or non-compliant with existing systems.

A better approach is to leverage the robustness of an existing ARINC-615A-compliant set of solutions. Adopting ARINC-615A as your data loading standard provides several advantages, including:

  • It’s the aviation standard. Recognized by certification authorities, ARINC-615A is widely used for data loading in aviation. It’s been thoroughly verified and certified with hours in-use and in-service. When using existing and vetted ARINC-615A solutions, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.
  • It’s compatible with other systems. Interoperability of conforming LRUs on existing and future systems is ensured with compliance to the ARINC-615A standard. It is recommended that aviation systems contain the digital interfaces and protocols specified in the ARINC-615A standard and support the standardized media types when the airborne data loading function is incorporated.
  • Leverages standard networking protocols. This includes:
    • Standard ethernet and support WiFi data loading
    • ARINC-664 (AFDX)
    • CAN Bus
    • and can be adapted to support proprietary protocols
  • It’s widely supported. Many ARINC-615A data loaders/lab-field loaders already exist and can be purchased or used. Additionally, ARINC-665 part generation and configuration tools are available to support media sets and loadable parts creation. ARINC-615A protocol checker/analyzers are also available to monitor and debug ARINC-615A data loader messaging traffic.

Why Choose the Performance Data Loader Suite?

The suite comprises of the Performance Lab/Field Loader and the Performance On-Board Client/Server Component Intellectual Property (IP).

Existing and Proven IP

Performance’s existing IP offers a fully featured and ARINC-615A-compliant implementation based on standard requirements and customer requirements. Performance has successfully developed and maintained dozens of Lab/Field loaders and Client/Server implementations.

Trusted Partner of Industry Leaders

Performance has successfully developed data loader solutions for the following:

  • Major aircraft OEMs
  • Top-Tier Avionics Suppliers
  • Top Defense Companies
  • Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) OEM


The Performance ARINC-615A Data Loader Application and Component IP were built on our team’s significant data loader development knowledge and experience. Our data loader solutions have a comprehensive set of high-level requirements and go through continuous regression testing to ensure all requirements are met. Any issues that arise are quickly resolved by our knowledgeable team.


The Performance Data Loader Suite has built-in mechanisms allowing users to tailor the tool to meet the demands of their operational environment through a selection of data loading control interfaces, including Python and Command Shell scripting. This flexibility promotes automation; command line access and scripting APIs allow for data loading automation and can provide a test framework to verify target data loader client applications.

Modern and Intuitive User Interface

Many existing systems are so esoteric that it makes data loader tools unmanageable and unusable – causing frustration, lost time, and money. Performance has invested a significant amount of time designing a modern user interface to make the Performance Lab/Field Loader Application’s usage as intuitive as possible.

Optimized to Improve Speed

At Performance, we understand our customer’s needs to have fast, efficient data loading performance. We invested many hours in analysis, design, development, testing and addressing network configuration, flash, and more to ensure our solution meets customer-specific requirements. This diligence ensures optimal and reliable performance for our customers.

World-Class Support

While developing the Performance Data Loader Suite, we were thorough; however, customizations are always required to support customer implementations. Our proprietary components were architected to be flexible, allowing our team to easily adapt to each customer’s implementation. Our team has years of experience supporting data loader development and testing. This experience allowed our team to identify and develop a prescriptive approach in working with customers to identify critical areas of interaction to support software integration within their system architecture.

Cost Savings

The Performance Lab/Field Loader is one of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions available on the market today.

When partnering with Performance to develop your very own On-Board Client/Server, customers experience reduced development costs and accelerated time to market.

Explore the Performance Data Loader Suite

To learn more about our product offerings, please visit the Performance Data Loader Solutions page.


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