Performance Software Presents at the 2020 DASC Virtual Conference

The Performance Software team is excited to participate in and present at the 39th Annual Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC) that will be held virtually October 11-16, 2020.

This forum has been a critical gathering for the aviation and space industries since 1975 to exchange technical know-how and discuss new ideas and the latest research. Additionally, the engineers and scientists who attend will build connections and learn about the latest innovations in hardware and software products, tools, and methods. We invite you to register for the conference today which for the first time will be 100% virtual.

Once registered, you’ll get access to all the conference’s content that is focused on a variety of topics including:

  • Deep learning in cybersecurity
  • ATM/UTM decision-making using AI and machine learning
  • Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) ATM concepts
  • Cognitive assistants, digital copilots, and robotic copilots
  • Dynamic sectors and cognitive radio
  • Use of technologies to reduce workload, augment performance, and improve safety
  • Integration of autonomous vehicles into the airspace
  • Multi-modal interaction for cockpit and air traffic management

Plus, our team prepared two presentations for this year’s conference.

Topic: Precision Four-Dimensional Digital Mapping Teaches Humans and Machines to See in the Dark (Precision Navigation & MappingTM Product Team)

Presenters: Julian Thomson and Mike Karalewich

Presentation Date: October 14, 2020, during the 11am-1pm CDT window

Over the last seven years, Performance Software researched, developed, produced and perfected high-precision digital mapping for piloted and autonomous aerospace systems. Safe and efficient navigation in today’s challenging environments such as congested airports and metropolitan areas requires the latest technology. Thanks to advances in imaging, onboard sensors, and always-connected aircraft as well as new developments such as sub-centimeter survey techniques and Performance Software’s proprietary tool chains that integrate data collected from sensors, the mapping databases Performance offers are five to 10 times more accurate than what’s flying today. During this presentation, you’ll learn more about these innovative tools and how they not only improve accuracy but also implement updated close to real-time critical data to enhance safety and efficiency.

Topic: Continuous Testing and Deployment for Advanced Air Mobility (JETS Product Team)

Presenters: Mike Johnson, Chris Elsberry, and Bryan Leinwand

Presentation Date: October 15, 2020, during the 4pm-6pm CDT window

In this presentation, the Performance Software JETS team will share how it’s absolutely critical for urban air mobility (AAM) developers to leverage DevOps development practices and hardware virtualization to reduce overall lifecycle costs as well as to meet customers’ vehicle safety and cost requirements.

AAM developers face significant challenges that include complex regulatory requirements, cyber threats, and development time and cost. Traditional development practices and tools used in the avionics industry are insufficient for AAM development. Tune in to this presentation to learn how integrating DevOps principles such as continuous testing and deployment, AAM manufacturers can respond quickly to the rapidly changing AAM market.

The Performance Software team looks forward to attending the Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC). While things might look a little different this year, the information and insights will be as valuable as ever.


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