Performance JETS

Performance JETS is a proprietary virtualization technology designed to replicate any System on Chip or complex unique hardware system in a low-cost environment. This high-performance system-modeling solution nearly eliminates the cost of target hardware and dramatically increases the speed of software development and verification. JETS also provides the ability to inject emulated hardware failures to exercise software monitoring.


  • Reduces costs
  • Adds value in all phases of lifecycle
  • Disconnects the traditional software dependency on hardware delivery; provides an early target for software developers
  • Designed for aviation, defense, space, health care, automotive, power, telecommunication, and energy fields
  • Delivers high-quality programs faster
  • Creates high-integrity prototypes to firm up design once hardware specification is 50 percent firm
  • Provides multiple hardware versions in a single platform, reducing long-term maintenance costs


  • Can be delivered in a fraction of the time it takes to develop the real hardware
  • Verifies software prior to ramp-up in resources, removing all contention for hardware commonly seen in large programs