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FAA Certified Hardware & Software Solutions

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) / Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) innovators around the world are making great strides to commercialize traditionally powered and emerging electric powered Vertical Take Off and Lift (eVTOLs) aircraft, but multiple certification roadblocks could jeopardize even the best planned schedules. Developing safe and compliant systems in such a tight timeframe is not an easy task to do alone.

Partner with Performance to tackle UAM challenges together.  Performance has more than 20 years of Business and Air Transport aircraft and rotary wing experience across business, commercial and military applications including autonomous vehicles. Reducing risks and costs on some of aviation’s largest programs, our goal is to do the same for UAM manufacturers and suppliers by offering expertise in Aerospace hardware development, safety-critical software development, airworthiness certification, high-precision aircraft data, and digital twin solutions for aircraft verification.

Partner With Performance To Accelerate Your UAM Technology

Proven Aerospace & Certification Expertise

Leverage 20+ years of experience and 450+ programs.
UAM Path to Certification: we’ll develop missing safety requirements and get your systems aligned for certification.

Accelerating Time to Market

Utilizing proven IP, implementing lean principles, DevOps, and deploying high-performance teams to augment your existing high-performing staff.

World-Class Data

Activate your systems with real-time precision data for safe departure, approach, and on-ground navigation.

Performance Portfolio for UAM

System Requirements/Integration

Requirements Development, Custom Software Development, and System Integration

A single eVTOL is comprised of various components from multiple manufacturers and suppliers. Properly integrating these components requires a technically adept team with lab experience. Partner with Performance to help your internal engineering team with their requirements development, software development, and system integration.

Some of the key experience we offer includes:

  • Integration of Aero Applications onto Certified Hardware (Platforms)
  • Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance (CNS)
  • Cockpit Display Systems (Displays)
  • Sensor and I/O Integration (DAUs)
  • Software Loading and Aircraft Diagnostic Offloading (Data Load/Data Recording)
Airworthiness Certification Suite

Airworthiness Certification Suite

Electrical Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft will be subject to strict regulatory mandates to safely operate in urban environments. UAM manufacturers must adhere to these regulations and implement best practices and solutions for meeting them.

We are safety-critical certification experts. For 20+ years Performance has developed and certified hundreds of safety-critical systems. Our plans and processes are approved by various certification authorities including the FAA, ANAC and Transport Canada. Partner with Performance to certify your AAM systems.

See our certification experience below.

Flight Controls and Management

Autonomous Flight Controls & Flight Planning

Performance brings decades of technical experience in flight controls, engine controls, and flight management systems on a variety of OEM aircraft including: Boeing, Airbus, Sikorsky, Gulfstream, Cessna, Dassault, Embraer, Bombardier and more. In addition, Performance has been involved in several military UAV projects as well.

We can help augment your existing team in the areas of:

  • Flight & Engine Controls
  • Flight Management Systems
  • Flight Planning Optimization and Performance Predictions
  • High Precision Data for onboard FMS Databases
  • Airspace Planning
Connected UAM Solutions

Connected UAM Solutions

Performance provides low-weight, low-power hardware and software to support wi-fi and 4G/5G connectivity and data storage solutions. All our designs incorporate the highest level of cyber security – essential for FAA certification.

Our Connected UAM Solutions provides the following:

  • High Speed – Software updates and navigation databases upload faster.
  • Secure Connectivity – Cloud-based Threat Management ensures secure connections while still utilizing public networks.
  • Wireless Dataloading – The Performance ARINC-615A DataLoader, favored by a major aircraft OEM, ensures compliance to ARINC dataloading standards.
UAM Precision Navigation Data

UAM Precision Navigation Data

UAMs require highly accurate and dynamic mapping data solutions to safely operate in congested urban environments. The Precision Navigation & Mapping suite of products includes 800 dynamic digital mapping databases of airports, helipads, and vertiports that are accurate enough for autonomous navigation (<1m). By integrating our continuously updated map data with real-time environmental data, operators can efficiently fly routes with the most up-to-date representation of its surroundings and safely transport passengers.

Low-weight, Low-power Hardware

Low-weight, Low-power Hardware

Because eVTOLs operate purely on battery power, they must adhere to stringent weight and power usage requirements. Performance Studio (our internal design studio) specializes in developing custom FAA certified hardware using cost-effective off-the-shelf components to reduce size, weight, and power-consumption. Let us share some of our existing IP with your project.

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Safety Critical System Development and Certification Experience



Systems requirements
Systems validation & verification




Firmware development
Firmware validation


DO-178C Level A-E:

High and low level requirements
Design and code development
Verification cases and procedures
Structural coverage and analysis



Certified for use with digital maps
Type 1 LOA

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