Looking for a Critical Mission to Make Your Own?

Performance Software is Hiring Systems and Software Engineers!

The average person will spend one-third of their lifetime working. If you’re going to spend approximately 90,000 hours of your life on something, wouldn’t you want to spend those hours pursuing a critical mission to make the world safer?

You can with a career at Performance Software.

We develop state-of-the-art systems and software products for aviation, urban air mobility, defense, and other safety-critical industries. And we’re always seeking professionals to join us who wish to make our mission their own. We have current openings across our U.S. offices for systems and software engineers of all experience levels.

Why Systems and Software Engineers Choose Performance Software

Performance Software is an engaging place to work for systems and software engineers because there’s a diversity of projects, complex problems to solve and limitless career potential. Performance is known in the embedded software industry for on-time, on-budget performance affording opportunities to work on some of the largest, cutting-edge programs.

How do we do this? We bring talented people together and create a great work environment. From our management’s experience working at other companies, we know what works and what doesn’t at a software and engineering firm. Most importantly, we enable our engineers and our company to deliver successfully on our commitments.

When you join Performance Software, here’s what you can expect:

Team Players

We understand good people like to work with other good people. There’s no room for egos at Performance Software. Our team of lifelong learners is humble, dependable, resilient, and willing to help others even when not on the same project. At Performance Software, being a good teammate is paramount.

We hire for attitude and value people who live by the Golden Rule—treat others how they would like to be treated. We believe in treating everyone with respect and expect that our team is available and helpful to one another and to our customers.

Performance systems and software engineers are quick learners and excellent producers. They are resilient in the face of adversity. When problems are encountered, they focus on solutions and are encouraged to ask questions.

Technical Excellence

Our success at Performance Software is driven by our team’s technical excellence—the quality and speed of technical work produced. We ramp up projects quickly, deliver commitments on-time and on-budget without the need for re-work, and meet aggressive deadlines. We achieve tremendous results for our customers with a performance-focused culture where small teams can quickly recognize, discuss, and fix problems when off-plan. In our culture, communication is key because good communication nurtures problem-solving and innovation.

Customer Experience

Unlike other software and engineering firms, we put our people first so they can put our customers first. When our customers interact with anyone from the Performance team, we are extremely responsive, empathetic, and easy to work with. We have a reputation for doing what we say we’re going to do. If our customers perceive interactions with the Performance Software teams positively, we know we’re doing something right.

Performance Software Company Culture and Values

A culture exists at every company whether it’s actively managed or not. At Performance Software, we are intentional about building a culture where colleagues genuinely like and appreciate one another and are actively engaged and proud of the work we do. The values we operate from guide our culture.

Our Values

Ownership: Performance employees are resilient; they work on autonomous teams that accept full responsibility for success and have a can-do attitude toward hitting deadlines, producing high-quality work, and creating “raving fans” out of our customers.

Drive: Performance employees have a sense of urgency and the willingness to work hard and smart to achieve both their individual and team goals.

Innovation: Performance employees challenge the status quo and constantly search for a better way to do the job and deliver unique value to their team.

Appreciation: Performance employees appreciate each other and recognize outstanding efforts that lead to extraordinary results.

Ready to explore employment opportunities with Performance Software? Learn more about a rewarding career and open opportunities with a company on a mission to make the world safer.

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