Connected Aircraft Solutions: The Key to Modern Aviation Issues

Connected aircraft solutions solve many of the most vexing challenges troubling modern aviation. And it’s much more than providing uninterrupted internet to commercial airline passengers. Connecting the data from an aircraft’s various systems can yield powerful insights. From better air-to-ground communications to optimized operations, connected aircraft systems collect data about what’s happening now so aviation companies can adjust and create better outcomes.

3 Benefits of Connected Aircraft Solutions

Improve Flight Operations

When the flight crew can communicate and share real-time data about the in-flight performance of the aircraft, maintenance teams can develop schedules that are more informed, which ultimately reduces aircraft downtimes. Additionally, application users can recognize trends in the data that can help improve products in the future. Connected aircraft solutions also get data insights to the people who can use the information to enhance flight performance, comfort, and safety.

Lower Costs

Better data helps clarify the factors that affect operating costs. What may seem like small changes in altitude, speed, and other variables often have a dramatic effect on operating costs. For example, fuel represents up to 40 percent of an airline’s operating costs. So when small, data-based adjustments can be made to improve fuel efficiency, the impact on operating costs can be profound. A connected aircraft monitors fuel consumption, wing condition, engine health, and more to help operators make informed maintenance decisions and prioritize actions to responsibly lower operating costs without compromising safety or comfort. Additionally, connected aircraft solutions can help operators get more life out of their aircraft and other systems.

Enhance Efficiency

Whether it’s reducing the time at the gate or understanding how to adjust flight schedules for optimal operations, efficiency is another important benefit of connected aircraft solutions. Again, small adjustments can make a dramatic impact when spread out over an entire fleet or many weeks of flight scheduling. The data collected by connected aircraft solutions reveal insights that help operators make the entire business more efficient.

What to Look for in Connected Aircraft Solutions

To realize the benefits of connected aircraft solutions, operators must ensure the connected aircraft solutions they are considering have secure connectivity, wireless data loading, and real-time data.

Cybersecurity of connected aircraft solutions must be paramount not only to meet regulations but to keep your systems safe. Operators need a certified communications gateway that provides robust security,  high-performance computing, and real-time connectivity.

Wireless data loading that can automatically and wirelessly configure and distribute software parts from ground-based systems to aircraft is important to realize the best benefits from connected aircraft solutions.

The final thing to look for in connected aircraft solutions is a rich airport maps and navigation database that empowers pilots with precision real-time data.

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