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Testing & Automation

When products are safety-critical and bound by regulation, testing takes a higher priority and requires more rigor. That is why Performance developed JETS: a high-performance testing, automation and emulation tool suite that enables faster software development, code changes, verification, systems integration and systems test development.

Skillfully designed by experts in embedded avionics systems who understand the complexities of developing and testing quality-, safety- and mission- critical software products, JETS is a flexible modular system that ensures you have the testing and automation capability you need when you need it.

Why Choose JETS

  • Continuous regression testing capability increases overall quality of the software.
  • Less dependence on hardware reduces risk and costs.
  • Eliminates time debuggiing in the lab – software PRs can be completed up to 50% faster than on real hardware
  • RBT development is 4x times faster than on real hardware – one 14-month effort was completed in just 14 weeks and saved our customer over $800K.
  • Saves up to 30% in both cost and schedule on DO-178B avionics programs.

Emulation/Framework Module
Simplifies code development and creates tests that are easily portable between the JETS emulation and real hardware.

Test Creation Module
Automates test skeletons from requirements input, which significantly speeds up test development.

Structural Coverage Module
Runs in both a simulation environment and on target hardware and provides quick results that reduce the overall time needed to fill gaps.

Trace Analysis Module
Automates trace analysis and speeds up audits.