Platform Capabilities

Performance Software (PSW) is a leader in Embedded Platform Software Development and Support for both highly regulated avionics platforms governed by the standards outlined in RTCA/DO-178B Software Considerations in Airborne Systems, and their supporting simulation environments. PSW has been integrally involved with several large-scale, embedded Platform development efforts and has supported the full software lifecycle beginning with high-level Architecting and Systems-level requirements through Formal Verification and Certification Support. Simulation capabilities include full development of HMI-based system configuration and regression tool sets, supporting I/O driver development for informal verification, networked Platform System Simulations, and tool qualifications. The following highlights specific examples of Embedded Platform development.

Program Experience

PSW has a significant amount of Platform development experience working with several Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) including: WindRiver ARINC 653 VxWorks, Wind River psoSystem, Green Hills INTEGRITY, LynuxWorks LynxOS, Digital Engine Operating System (DEOS), and Mentor Graphics VRTX. The development work focused on the following areas: Platform Applications, Platform Features, and Platform Driver Development and Support.

  • Platform Applications represent the set of higher-level integrated products and tools that facilitate system operation and provide an essential support role. PSW’s Platform Application experience includes development of Dataload, Health Manager (HM), Onboard Maintenance System (OMS), Support and Maintenance (SM), and Time Manager (TM).
  • Platform Features consist of the core functionality that provides peripheral system-level interfaces to end-users. PSW’s Platform Feature experience includes development of Health Monitoring, Network Server System (NSS) Server Crossover Interface, Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP), and Flight-Input Data-Output (FIDO).
  • Platform Drivers are an aggregate of software components that form the foundation of the embedded operating system’s ability to enable device communication. PSW’s Driver experience includes development of DMA Drivers, Network Stack Optimizations, Network File System (NFS), Graphics Module Core, and TCP/IP Stack drivers.