JETs VirtualPlatform Virtual Target Hardware

Reducing Lab Contention among your Software Development Team

Working odd hours on nights and weekends, being kicked off the target hardware in the middle of what you are doing, scheduling a lab time slotsound familiar? These are all things software engineers dread when it’s time to test builds in the lab on real hardware. These are the ramifications of not having enough target hardware resources in the lab.

The problem is that these practices have become commonplace in the industry and in labs everywhere. Everyone seems to accept this as status quo. This not only creates complications for engineering in an already complex and stressful environment, but it also becomes a costly bottleneck in the latter stages of large-scale software development.

Since we are always thinking differently at Performance, we decided to take these problems as an opportunity to innovate. Our goal was to create a solution so that our engineers wouldn’t struggle for lab time or have to come in on nights or weekends to run in the lab.

What if there was another way? What if you could run your software on virtual target hardware right on your very own PC at whatever time you desire? Enter Performance JETS VirtualPlatform.

With JETS, we make it possible to virtualize any custom SoC or complex hardware system. This is not simply a simulation, but a direct replica of the hardware functionality of the given target hardware allowing you to run the same binary as you would run on your target. Not only can these virtualizations of the target hardware be hosted in a lab where costly hardware would otherwise be; these low-cost virtualizations can be distributed to entire teams and run on any PC at any time.

Reducing the overhead is what JETS is all about—ease of use and less work for engineering as well as reduced cost and roadblocks for program management. The result? Empowered and efficient software development teams.

Does this sound like a dream come true? Performance Software can help your software development team reduce stress and avoid bottlenecks with our JETS VirtualPlatform. Contact us today to learn more about this powerful technology and the possible results for your team.

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