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Display Systems

Real-time embedded display systems have one purpose: intuitively present meaningful information to improve situational awareness. Creating efficient and scalable systems to address today’s requirements and plan for tomorrow’s change is non-intuitive and costly. At Performance, our expert displays team combines relevant technology acumen (SCADE, VAPS, iData, OpenGL, ARINC 661, iOS, Android) with wide-ranging experience architecting commercial grade aerospace and mobile display software, to create compelling solutions that bridge the complexity and intuitive design gap.

Moreover, we helped revolutionize flight deck display technology and created the suite of custom graphical tool sets that has enabled engineering teams of all sizes to successfully collaborate and change the future of flight deck development. As a result, our client’s display application lifecycle was reduced from days to hours, and substantially minimized idle time and operating costs.

Our core strengths involving rapid prototyping, advancing HMI tools and simulation, display architecture and development, and mobile platforms, ensure we have all your bases covered. How can we help drive your display technology forward?

Examples of our core graphics and application-level displays can be seen today on many Air Transport, Business Commuter, General Aviation, and Defense platforms including the Boeing B737-600/700/800, B777, B717, MD717, MD-10, and MD-90/95, Agusta Westland (AB139) Helicopter, Cessna Citation Series (C5/Bravo/CXX), Raytheon Hawker Horizon (HZN), Embraer ERJ 145/170/190, Fairchild Dornier (FD 728), Gulfstream Planeview (GVPV), Dassault F900, F2000, F7X, Lear45 and SJ30-2.

Eradicating display hardware obsolescence with Software GPU.

gpuDisplay technology is diverse and advances so rapidly that by the time system can be designed, certified and released into the market it is often obsolete in consumer electronics terms. To make this rapid obsolescence obsolete, Performance has developed a better way to get to high quality, high performance displays: Software GPU (graphics processor unit).

Performance’s Software GPU is an OpenGL rasterizer with built in memory management and an interface to the most commonly utilized 2D OpenGL SC 1.0 APIs. As a result, it allows users to render graphics through software rather than a dedicated hardware GPU.

Software GPU is an ANSI C-compliant and hardware-independent solution that relieves the headaches and costs typically associated with purchasing and maintaining hardware GPUs in display systems.

This innovative and powerful product eliminates the need to invest in lifetime buys of unique components by providing a low-cost virtual graphics processor unit designed for easy portability across platforms.

Software GPU Specification Sheet