Sky’s the Limit: Explore the Rewarding Career Opportunities in Safety-Critical Engineering

As aerospace technologies advance at an unprecedented pace, the need for specialized software solutions that ensure both innovation and safety has become paramount. Software engineers play a crucial role in this dynamic field, driving the development of cutting-edge systems that push the boundaries of exploration and enhance the reliability of safety-critical operations. From designing robust software for space missions to developing avionics systems that ensure the safe navigation of all types of aircraft, the expertise of software engineers is essential to the progress and security of the aerospace industry. 

Benefits of Becoming an Aerospace Software Engineer 

1. High Demand and Job Security 

The evolving nature of aerospace technology, combined with stringent safety requirements, has created a stable and secure job market for engineers with these capabilities. According to a recent market report from Deloitte, a surge in air travel has led to an increased demand for new aircraft and aftermarket products and services. This growing demand inherently makes for a surplus of employers looking for skilled engineers to manage these sophisticated development processes. Companies are investing heavily in innovative solutions, ensuring long-term career prospects for professionals in this field.  

2. Innovative and Cutting-Edge Technology 

Working as a software engineer in the aerospace sector provides unique opportunities to engage with cutting-edge technology and contribute to groundbreaking projects. Engineers in this field are at the forefront of innovation, utilizing advanced tools and methodologies that push the boundaries of what is possible. For instance, the integration of model-based development environments and real-time simulation technologies enables the creation of highly reliable and efficient aerospace systems. This exposure to state-of-the-art technology not only enhances professional growth but also allows engineers to be part of transformative advancements in aerospace exploration and safety-critical operations​ 

3. Impactful and Meaningful Work 

The work of software engineers in aerospace is profoundly impactful and meaningful. These professionals play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and success of aerospace missions by developing systems that protect lives and support mission-critical operations. The development of avionics and control systems, for instance, is essential for the safe navigation and operation of aircraft, directly contributing to the safety and efficiency of both commercial and military aviation.  

4. Competitive Salaries and Benefits

Competitive salaries and benefits are a significant draw for software engineers in the aerospace industry, reflecting the specialized skills required for these roles. In this sector, engineers can expect attractive compensation packages, with average salaries ranging from $107K to $178K annually in the United States​​​. Beyond base salaries, companies like Performance offer additional perks such as annual bonuses, hybrid and remote work opportunities, paid leave, and comprehensive professional development opportunities. These benefits not only enhance financial security but also support continuous learning and career advancement, making the aerospace sector an appealing choice for software engineers. 

Opportunities at Performance

Although the Performance team is always looking for systems, software, and hardware engineers, we are currently hiring for these three primary roles: 

1. FPGA Engineers: Designs and implements high-performance, low-latency hardware for real-time processing and ensures reliability and robustness in environments with strict safety requirements.

2. Space Exploration Engineers: Develops software and systems for long-duration space missions with limited error margins. Solutions address challenges related to communication delays, harsh environmental conditions, and resource constraints.

3. Avionics/Software Engineers: Ensures software meets rigorous certification standards and regulatory requirements for commercial and military aircraft.

Don’t meet the above positions? Performance encourages anyone with related aerospace software experience to apply.  

Our goal at Performance is to provide a challenging and rewarding experience for people who are driven to innovate and execute at the highest level. We provide an entrepreneurial work environment, empowering our engineers to deliver high-quality solutions and customer-care. 

Interested in learning more about Performance career opportunities? Check out our Performance Career’s page to see if our organization could be a perfect fit.  

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