Building Partnerships in Project-Based Software Development

How to achieve a Positive Relationship with Your Software Partner

The success of any software development project hinges on a successful partnership between customer and software partner. Building an effective long-term relationship can be challenging because of the gaps between projects. Still, project-based software development customers and companies can enjoy productive, long-standing relationships when both parties prioritize the right benchmarks. Let’s take a look at some of those benchmarks, and review the questions you should be asking yourself about your software development partner:



Does your software partner work to improve your competitiveness in the marketplace? At the end of the day, does their work enhance your ability to practice your core business functions at an increasingly higher level?



Does the software partner work to build and maintain strong relationships with key leaders in your field? Strong relationships take time, effort and nurturing and are a key indicator to achieving successful project outcomes. Consider working with a partner that places a priority on building relationships that can help move your business forward.



Is your software partner driving increased efficiency for you? Have significant innovations been identified and applied, leading to quantifiable benefits?



Are you working together to ensure mutual success? Has your software partner identified a cohesive plan, and then communicated that plan across the business for the best chances of success?



Is your software partner open to honest feedback and constructive criticism? Are you pleased enough with its performance to become an advocate of their services to others in your network?



Does your software partner build a corporate culture focused on customer success? Effective partnerships in software development require a complete understanding of the customer experience by all departments within a software development company – and the ability translate that understanding into action.



Put simply, is your software partner performing well? Are team members producing at or above your expectations? Do the results offer proof of performance?

Think about these questions as you assess whether or not your software partner is the right long-term partner for your business. At Performance Software, we are committed to the success of our customers. This means taking the time to learn about their businesses, their objectives, and how we can integrate our services to help them achieve their goals. Interested in learning more about how this process could work for you? Contact us, and take the next step toward a partnership built around your success.

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