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Surveillance Systems

Today’s airspace is becoming increasingly more crowded. Airlines and aircraft operators are trying to optimize flight plans and landing approaches to maximize efficiencies, operations, and to reduce costs. These new and ever changing complexities are making it more critical for new and updated situational awareness systems that provide secure real-time location data of other aircraft, instantaneous position reporting, and reliable detection of hazards such as terrain, traffic, and weather. Since 2001, Performance has been involved in the development of Transponder and Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) applications and software upgrades needed to safely and efficiently operate in this ever-changing environment.

Performance engineers, working with our customers, have been updating software to support automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast out (ADS-B Out) in support of the FAA mandate so that all aircraft flying in United States airspace above 10,000 feet can be equipped with ADS-B Out by January 1, 2020. In addition, our engineers are helping solve difficult challenges working new ADS-B In (DO-317B/DO-260B) applications and operational testing of compliance to Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) for the next generation ADS-B-In applications and systems.

Providing depth and a broad base of engineering expertise and leadership for both DO-178B/C avionics and defense surveillance project needs, Performance teams are self-driven and highly motivated to get the work done right the first time and beat tough schedule deadlines. In addition to TCAS, Performance engineers have a wide range of experience across many different situational awareness systems, including: Terrain Awareness Warning Systems (TAWS); Radar Systems (Weather Radar, Obstacle, and Threat Detection); Global Positioning Systems (GPS); Inertial Reference (IRS) and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS); and Air Data, Attitude, and Heading/Inertial Reference Systems (AHRS / ADHRS / ADAHRS / ADIRS).

Whether the need is for new or existing surveillance systems, commercial or military, Performance will have the engineering talent to help make your projects successful. Our contributions are flying today on Air Transport, Business Commuter, and Defense platforms.

Some examples of past projects include: Full lifecycle software development of a stand-alone implementation of the Mode S technology for Business Jets, Full lifecycle software and test development for DO-185A compliant collision avoidance subsystem (CAS); TSO-C112 (DO-181C) to TSO-C112D (DO-181E) software and FPGA firmware changes; Boeing 787 DO-260A/B requirements and system certification support, DO-254 FPGA re-design and re-verification for Air Transport Data Link Transponder; Development of ADS-B pages and tools used by Airline Operators equipped with ADS-B systems.