Performance Software offers three types of service, catering our work to your specific needs. These service options include emergency services, strategic services, and risk-share services.

Emergency Services

Nobody wants a program to become an emergency, but we recognize that this happens from time to time. We pride ourselves on being ultra-responsive: providing resources sometimes in less than 24-48 hours. Resources who are adept at quickly ramping up on our customer’s project, tools, and process; assessing the situation; and providing value immediately.

Strategic Services

Ensuring programs don’t go RED in the first place, we work with our customers at the beginning of large programs to define whole projects for which we can provide a FFP turnkey solution so that our customers can focus on what is most important to them. This concept has been extended to include entire domains or particular aspects of the DO-178C lifecycle.

Risk-Share Services

We want to be your partner in innovation. In some cases, Performance can provide funding and/or resources for the project in exchange for a royalty payment paradigm. This approach assumes each company would work to minimize the risks to position the internal rate of return within acceptable ranges for a customer’s finance group to accept the program. Mitigate risk, manage IRR, and partner with the best.

Performance Software Engagement Models with Clients

Fixed Price (FP)

Time & Material (T&M)

Level of Effort (LOE)

Risk Share


Set price based on a defined scope. (Performance Software pioneered this in the avionics industry)

Charged by the hour for all time works plus any material expenses.

Fixed cost price for dedicated resources for a period of time.

Performance Software supplies initial investment in dollars/resources for future product deployment payback.

Recurring payment tied to a product use.