Performance GPU

OpenGL Software Render Engine Solving GPU Obsolescence


Performance GPU is a customized OpenGL software–rendering library for embedded applications designed for commercial displays, military displays, medical devices, and automotive systems. It provides a means to render graphics through software rather than dedicated hardware, eliminating the need for hardware GPUs altogether by removing hardware from the graphics-processing equation.


  • Portable and low cost
  • OpenGL rasterizer with built-in memory management
  • Customizable to meet specific customer proprietary rendering interface
  • Automated test scripts provide on-target structural coverage credit
  • ANSI C compliant
  • Hardware independent
  • Interface to the most commonly utilized 2D OpenGL SC 1.0 APIs
  • Meets DO178C level C
  • Available certification kits include all software, test, and Performance support


  • Most cost-effective solution in the market
  • Simple integration
  • Built-in memory manager
  • Compact footprint improves efficiency
  • Compile software GPU for target platform

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