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Flightdeck Communications

Reliable and secure real-time communication between the aircraft and air traffic management systems on the ground is crucial for situational awareness and the exchange of critical in-flight data for safe and efficient airborne operations. Since being founding in 1998, Performance has been solving the difficult challenges related to airborne flight deck communications and datalink development and software upgrades.

Providing depth and a broad base of expert engineering expertise and leadership for both DO-178B/C avionics and defense communications project needs, Performance team’s are self-driven and highly motivated to get the work done right the first time and beat tough schedule deadlines. As existing and next generation communication platforms are being developed, Performance engineers continue working beside industry leaders to make FMS interfaces, weather information, and equipment health and maintenance data available through flight deck Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting Systems (ACARS) and by making improvements in communications, navigation, and surveillance through technologies such as Future Air Navigation System (FANS-1/A and /FANS-B).

Whether the need is for new or existing flight deck datalink, cockpit radios, cabin voice and data, satellite communication (SATCOM) and connectivity systems, commercial or military, Performance will have the engineering talent to help make your projects successful. Our contributions are flying today on Air Transport, Business Commuter, and Defense platforms.

Some examples of past projects include: full life cycle block point upgrade for Boeing 777 flight deck communications (ACARS, A618 and A619, ATN, VDL Mode 2, ARINC 631); Boeing 747-8 FANS full life cycle development of CPDLC, AFN, and FANS redundancy management; KC-46 data link management (DLM) software for implementation of the ACARS/ATN Interface and removal of the VHF; AOA CMF for business jet block upgrade, 737 Datalink AOC application requirements for FMS; Root Cause and Corrective Action Analysis on High Priority, Complex DLM Field Issues; Government project to develop military airborne radio including Radio Management Control and MCDU pages; 787-9 ARINC 781 SATCOM Upgrade Program.