A Culture of Excellence

Performance believes that building safety-critical solutions requires high-caliber talent, constant innovation – and a culture that nurtures both. To that end, we maintain a unique working environment that inspires creativity and ingenuity.

Our company culture encourages collaboration both within the organization and with our clients. The result is an outsourced development team that you can depend on as a true partner. We are laser-focused on technical excellence and committed to teamwork and innovation.

Pillars of Success

We serve industries that depend on quality and safety, which is why we have built our culture – and our reputation – upon sustained excellence in talent, innovation, responsiveness and cost-effectiveness:


We hire top talent with proven skills, domain expertise and drive. We then empower them to do what they do best: help each customer achieve their goals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.


We encourage entrepreneurial initiative and creative thinking that drives innovative processes, tools, products and services that save time and money for our clients.


We build service-focused teams that have the tools and talent necessary to respond quickly and effectively to client needs and changing conditions.

Cost Effectiveness

We are mindful of client challenges and needs, and we are sensitive to their schedules and tight budgets. We have designed our processes and teams to maximize both quality and value.