Cabin Systems and Flight Deck Display Systems

From nose to tail and cabin systems to flight deck display systems, the Performance Software team can help with specialty or end-to-end planning, project management and development. Our development teams include some of the industry’s most experienced aerospace and avionics engineers and program managers. We leverage our experience and expertise to capitalize on best practices for DO 178B cabin development. The Performance Software team creates customized cabin systems and solutions for our customers.

Performance Software has more than 14 years of experience working with 3D and 2D moving maps for cabin developments. Our team continues to enhance customer’s Area 1 2D and 3D moving maps by providing:

  • Higher resolution imagery
  • Compression solutions
  • Custom GUI designs
  • Customer imagery datasets

Expect an extraordinary mapping experience with Performance Software

  • Our team has worked with some of the most advanced avionics displays products available today.
  • Performance Software engineers were pioneers in Primus EPIC graphical flight planning.
  • Our engineers have developed qualified HMI tools (IDATA, Format Designer) and certified many different advanced custom displays SW applications, render engines and graphic stacks.

Performance Software has the vast expertise that is required for cabin systems. From the platforms to the controls, and the tooling to the displays, you can count on our team to develop a customized cabin systems solution for you. And, we always use best practices from DO 178B in cabin development.

Our cabin management experience includes personal control and touch screen, a primary point of control for all functionality hosted on the cabin management system and full product life cycle development for more than 20 functions hosted and controlled on this unit; CORE software that offers diagnostic support and updated functions; and Systems Engineering that includes Performance Software-supported development and testing on simulators, SSH integration, system robustness testing, Squawk support and more.

Trust Performance Software for all your cabin systems needs including:

  • Core integration
  • Tooling
  • Human machine interface
  • Point products
  • Data loading
  • Moving map
  • Mobile