Chad BraunChad Braun

Operations Leader

With more than 15 years of experience in embedded software and services, Chad joined the company in 2003 as an intern and quickly established himself as a vital asset to client success. He worked his way up the ranks as an engineer, project lead and program manager thus earning his current spot on the executive team as an operations lead.

Along the way, he also earned the respect of his teammates and our clients as well as company recognition including several performance-based awards: Project Lead of the Year, Program Manager of the Year, and MVP, which he has won three times.

Chad is hyper-focused on bringing in new work and executing on that work at the highest level. His personal and professional mission is to make sure that our clients feel that we have delivered the value, quality, timeliness, expertise, and innovation that we were hired to bring to their programs.

Chad graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Computer Science from the College of Engineering. He chose Performance because of the challenging opportunities, flexibility, team environment and commitment to shared success the company offered.

What I love most about my work

“I love working at a company where flexibility is valued and opportunity is everywhere – I’ve been allowed to learn and grow in so many different areas. Throughout my career at Performance, I have been given the freedom to run with projects and products, grow into company leadership, and try and make Performance a better place for my teammates and our clients.”

One thing everyone must know about Performance

“Performance is more than our name – it’s what we do. We are committed to delivering results that help our customer’s succeed.”

One thing everyone should know about you

“I am dedicated to earning the trust and confidence of our customers, and ensuring every program we work for them is successful.”