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Reliable. Safety-critical. Performance.

Performance specializes in developing real-time embedded avionics systems and full lifecycle software solutions certifiable to DO-178B/C levels A through D. We are also experienced in developing systems in accordance with other safety-critical avionics guidelines and standards including Boeing D6-35071, MIL-STD 498 (and previous 2167A, and IEEE/EIA 12207, and FAA and JAA regulations DO-200A, DO-254, DO-272B, AC 20-153A and ARP-4754).

Our development teams include some of the industry’s most experienced aerospace and avionics engineers and program managers. These key players are U.S.-based employees who have broad and deep experience working with an extensive array of avionics systems and components, development processes, methodologies and requirements.

From nose to tail, Performance teams can help with specialty knowledge or end-to-end planning, project management and development. Whatever you need at any phase of your avionics project, we’re here to help drive your project to successful completion.

Results-driven solutions

At Performance, we are dedicated to helping you get better results faster. That’s why we have created a host of innovative products and lean processes that enable more efficient design and development, faster testing and debugging, and cost-effective hardware simulations/PC emulations, real-time analysis of project changes, and more.

We combine these high performance tools and processes with a comprehensive suite of services to deliver turn-key solutions that meet the rigorous demands of your safety- and quality-critical projects.