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We’ve partnered to provide aviation application developers worldwide with the data and platform to bring your applications to life.

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Data to Power your Devices

There is a growing demand for real-time data in the aviation industry and we’re providing the data and platform, all in one central location in the cloud, so that you can quickly and efficiently develop your airport navigation related apps.

Performance airport mapping databases (AMDBs) are now available for download on SmartSky’s Skytelligence® web platform. By fusing our AMDB data with Skytelligence real-time updates such as NOTAMs, we empower real-time critical advanced advisory applications.

Explore the Possibilities

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  • AMDB updated with real-time NOTAM
  • High-quality rendering of Performance AMDBs
  • AMDB features available on Skytelligence

Take your Applications to a New Level

Application Developers

  • 24/7 access to real-time updated data
  • Integrate airport status with other environmental data
  • Choose the date you want to see (turn on/off layers of data)
  • Data format customized to your application needs
  • Easy and fast application development through Skytelligence


  • Up to the minute status of airports on your flight plan
  • Displayed directly on airport maps
  • Rich features
  • Enhanced situational awareness

Our data works great for…

Flight Planners
Electronic Flight Bags
Flight Simulators

*Data is not certified under FAA LOA or EASA DAT for use in safety-critical applications. For certified data, please click here.

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