Specialists in safety-critical solutions

Performance is a software and engineering services firm committed to providing innovative turnkey solutions that help our clients complete safety-critical projects on time and on budget.

We specialize in real-time embedded avionics systems and full-lifecycle software solutions certifiable to DO-178B/C levels A through D. We also develop critical software for the medical industry.

Aerospace and Defense

Our high performance outsourced-development teams include some of the industry’s most experienced aerospace and avionics engineers and program managers.


At Performance, we understand and appreciate the pressures affecting the medical device market and our safety-critical clients.


Performance provides expertise in embedded systems and real-time operating environments to help energy providers manage their systems more reliably and at a lower cost.

Domain Expertise

  • Avionics / Aerospace
  • Vehicle Telemetry
  • Telecommunications
  • Management
  • Modeling
  • Medical Devices
  • Communication
  • Military / Defense

In addition, we offer a variety of professional services to ensure our clients have access to the expertise they need in any and all phases of their projects.

  • Program Management
  • Requirements Specification
  • Implementation
  • Formal Test
  • Post-delivery Support
  • Systems Analysis
  • Software Design
  • Software Integration
  • Certification
  • Process Improvements

Tools and talent that drive efficiency and value.

At Performance, we are dedicated to helping you get better results faster. That’s why we have created a host of innovative products and lean processes that enable more efficient design and development, faster testing and debugging, and cost-effective hardware simulations/PC emulations, real-time analysis of project changes, and more.

We have also built software SWAT teams comprised of domain experts and top-tier engineering talent that are adept at navigating the challenges and complexities of embedded software systems, regulations and compliance while keeping project schedules on track and costs in check.

These highly productive teams work closely with our clients to understand their needs and to carve out the project areas where Performance can drive the greatest efficiency and value.

Performance teams can also help clients uncover architectural issues, identify functional gaps, and clarify and define project scope to minimize project risks.

How can we put our tools and talents to work for you?