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Percy Sanford

Percy Sanford

Engineering Director

Percy has more than 25 years’ of digital communication and embedded software experience. He began his engineering career in telecommunications working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and transitioned to the avionics industry where he has since held various engineering positions. Today, he uses this extensive experience and his exceptional skills to build dynamic engineering “dream teams” and create winning estimates for Performance.

Percy was a fan of Performance when it was still a glimmer in its Chairman’s (Tim Bigelow) eye. In the late 1990s, while working together in the lab on an avionics project, the two had healthy discussions about the issues their current employer was facing: a large pool of sub-contractors with no sense of urgency, project overruns, poor product quality, low company morale, and an unhappy customer. Tim shared his vision to build a company that would focus on people, fixed-cost performance and on-time quality. Percy knew that it was an idea that would succeed.

Performance was founded in March 1998 and Percy became a part-time employee in April 1998, joining full-time in May, 2000. It was his faith in the founding principles and values of Performance that drew him to the team. He not only believed in the vision and promise of working with top-tier engineers to yield high-efficiency results, but the idea that quality work-life balance could simultaneously be achieved.

Over the past 15 years, Percy has been a member of Performance’s executive leadership team and has been instrumental in driving the company’s strategic growth.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Southern University A&M in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

What I love most about my work

“Performance was founded by engineers for engineers. I love creating Performance’s future leaders by giving them opportunities to stretch and grow their skills on various engineering project and products.”

One thing everyone must know about Performance

“We expect our engineers to be creative, innovative and critical thinkers.”

Fun Fact

“My first job out of high school was in appliance and electronics sales at K-Mart. I learned the art of selling to a broad range of customers through innovative and iconic blue-light specials.”