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Geographical Information Systems


gis-2gis-4Aerodrome Databases (AMDBs) aid in enhanced surface navigation by precisely mapping runways, taxiways, aprons, de-icing areas, parking stands, construction areas and other airport elements.

The key to their success is accuracy, which is why Performance has developed an AMDB with mapping accuracy not found in any other AMDB in the market. Additionally, Performance’s AMDB has the unique capability to quickly customize a solution to minimize impact to any existing customer tools and/or processes.

The result is a precise AMDB that delivers better performance and better improvement in safety margins and operational efficiency for our clients.

Performance’s AMDB is extensive and always growing. It currently includes hundreds of aerodromes from the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Australia, Singapore, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Denmark, Czech Republic, and the Dominican Republic.

Moreover, we continuously monitor the aerodromes in our database and thoroughly analyze any change to assess the level of significance and to determine if an AMDB update is required. This proactive maintenance process ensures that the AMDBs are consistently accurate and capable of delivering the greatest value to our clients.

AMDB Compliance

To ensure our AMDBs meet Performance’s rigorous standards for quality and precision, we adhered to the guidelines set forth in the following FAA documents.

  • DO-272B: User Requirements for Aerodrome Mapping Information
    In accordance with this document, Performance collects Ground Control Points (GCPs) surrounding the aerodrome to ortho-rectify the image. This process allows for the most precise mapping of every aerodrome.
  • AC 20-153A: Acceptance of Aeronautical Data Processes and Associated Databases
    Performance holds a Type 1 (Data Supplier) Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from the FAA
  • DO-200A Standards for Processing Aeronautical Data
    Performance is certified to Data Process Assurance Level 2 (Essential).
  • Please click here to view our current FAA (LOA) Status


In addition to high accuracy airfield mapping, Performance provides Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (eTOD) to continuously improve navigational accuracy and safety, and satisfy user requirements for a series of airborne and ground application such as EGPWS, TAWS, A-SMGCS, MSAW, Procedure Design and more. Customized DO-200A certified ETODs and certifiable terrain and obstacle renderers area also available.

World Wide 15M Basemap

gis-5Performance’s World Wide 15M basemap is a simulated true-color digital earth imagery product that uses imagery captured by the US Landsat 7 (ETM+) satellite. As a result it provides seamless coverage of most of the world’s land areas (excluding Antarctica) at 15-meter spatial resolution for greater clarity. We also provide customized high-resolution tile datasets to be inserted into any other map or stand alone.