We take a big-picture approach to what we do and how we can help our clients. We then break it down into actionable parts to create innovative and efficient products, services and processes that drive measurable results and client success.

Our highly collaborative approach to outsourced development is disrupting the embedded software industry with its emphasis on partnership, trust and reliable, high-quality results:

  • We view our clients as strategic partners and work closely with them to understand their requirements, processes and schedules.
  • We align project goals and expectations, which leads to significant technical risk reduction and faster, more cost-effective development.
  • We provide our own project management resources to guide Performance development and engineering efforts, which minimizes the burden of oversight for our clients
  • We work with our partners, our clients, to identify the project areas where Performance can drive the greatest efficiency and value.
  • With a mutually defined plan in place, we implement lean processes and deploy nimble teams whose mission is to get the job done right the first time.
  • We actively integrate our team with the client’s team.

Performance establishes a working relationship based on mutual respect and cooperation that supports the entire project and leads to long-term, trusted partnerships. It’s all part of our master plan for client success: minimize riskreduce stress and consistently deliver high-quality solutions – on schedule and on budget.